Chadwick Clubhouse

A community of recovery through meaningful relationships and work experience

​Chadwick Clubhouse is taking safety measures to follow all state guidelines and keep our members safe from the spread of COVID-19. Here are some additional resources about COVID-19:

A Community Clubhouse.

The first of its kind in Douglas County

We provide an evidence based, non-clinical mental health program that supplements existing mental health and addictions therapy in Douglas County. The Chadwick Clubhouse supports people living with mental health conditions by providing a community of recovery through meaningful relationships and work experience. We believe that mental health is treatable and lives can be restored through the Clubhouse environment. Our goal is to end the isolation that so many mentally ill adults experience.

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Phone: 541-671-2176

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8:30 - 4:00

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Fax: 541-844-0894

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465 NE Stephens St​, Roseburg OR, 97470

What We Provide.

How we foster a community that rebuilds lives and hope through purposeful opportunities for adults living with mental health conditions

Structured Schedules

Each day is a structured experience for the members. Preparing members to reenter society in a constructive way.

Productive Activities

Members are on equal footing with staff, completing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, clerical, and maintenance.

Community Oriented

Our members accomplish their work together, in team oriented projects. They also host and participate in social events and more.

Educational & Vocational

The clubhouse provides education, training, experiences, and more to its members. Preparing them for work in regular society.




"The clubhouse has helped me with my emotions, in making friends and opening up more. Gets me to see new faces. I’ve been feeling sad a lot, but when I leave here I’m always happy."


"The Clubhouse has made me focus, meet new people to interact with and learn more about computers. In my camera class, I learned about my camera. The Clubhouse has kept me disciplined and on task. In the culinary unit I learned about cooking. The Clubhouse gives me something to do that is helpful."


"Its made a huge difference for me, more than any of the professional help I’ve received so far. I’ve been able to do more than I’ve done before--my symptoms have improved a lot. As a result, it’s restored my confidence and self-respect. It gives me purpose everyday."

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We have  been open since November, 2018 and are growing steadily. Our purpose is to provide rehabilitation services at no charge for adults suffering from a mental health condition so that they might lead productive and socially satisfying lives in the community. Our team consists of an Executive Director and two Generalists.

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